Transcarpatica S.A. offers advanced MIG, TIG, and stick welding for all steel fabrication requirements.
All processes are applied on the basis of approved technologies.

We have the equipment and the ASTM-certified welding capability to perform traditional and low-cost stick welding, Metal Insert Gas (MIG) welding, and the most advanced, Tungsten Insert Gas (TIG) welding.
Each process has certain capabilities and advantages, depending on its application. Our certified welders have the expertise to perform highly crafted and precise work with every welding process.

Welding technique exe

  • WIG; MIG; MAG Machines  with classical power sources and inverter.
  • Inverter welding machines for manual welding
  • ESAB welding Robot

Welding procedures

111 = metal arc welding with covered electrode (MAW)
135 = metal active gas welding (MAG)
136= tubular cored metal arc welding with active gas shield 
141= Tungsten inert gas welding TIG welding
121= Submerged arc welding with wire electrode.

Welders Qualification EXE

Welders are qualified by Romanian Qualification Bodies according Romanian Standards NR 2003-CPR-945
EN 1090-2 +A1: 2011
EN 1090-2 +A1: 2012
EN 3838-3:2005
EN 3834-3:2006

Control / Weld inspection exe

Non -destructive (x-ray or ultrasound, magnetic powder and liquid flow in penetrating)
Destructive tests – these are performed in the laboratories for physical and mechanical tests third parties