Deburring and Grinding exe

Transcarpatica S.A. / Someg S.A. steel fabricating company with advanced equipment and solutions for all deburring and metal grinding needs.  Our selection of metal grinding and deburring equipment services include:The ERNST EG3M cleans edges at a high production rate, deburring and sanding components with industry-grade precision and performance.

Shot blasting exe

A blast room is used for steel shot blasting and other special finishing.
Blast-cleaning: -grit (shot)

Surface protection

Surface Preparation for painting is accomplished by cleaning with abrasives.

  • first layer-primer
  • intermediary and finish coatings for the following layers

Pickling and passivation:

  • mechanical cleaning
  • solvent degreasing  
  • neutralization
  • passivation


Transcarpatica S.A. provide the best industrial steel painting for high quality precision carbon, stainless and structural steel machining, cutting, forming, processing, and fabrication fromTransylvania region.

Detailed knowledge of various types of paint and different application methods is critical, as well as staying current with the latest techniques makes us your first choice for any industrial metal painting project.

Controlled powder coating systems using advanced techniques allow safer, cleaner working environments with superior coverage, precision, and overall finish.